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About Us

Shenyang Bluelight Automatic Technology Co.,Ltd. Established in 1989, Bluelight is a leading manufacturer of elevator control systems and gearless permanent magnet synchronous machines. Shenyang Bluelight has become the domestic only elevator control-drive-hoisting-monitoring integration solution provider with independent intellectual right. It is a member of China Elevator Association and an enterprise certified by ISO9001.Subordinate enterprises include Shenyang Bluelight Automatic Technology Co.,ltd,Shenyang Bluelight Drive Technology Co.,ltd.Shenyang Bluelight Network Data Technology Co,.ltd, Shenyang Bluelight Mechatronics Co.,ltd. Shenyang Bluelight is always dedicated to research and development for coming up with new products demanded in the market to consolidate its technological leadership in the industry.

Catalogue and Products

Traction Machine

WYT-S Gearless Traction Machine, WYT-T Gearless Traction Machine, WYT-U Gearless Traction Machine, WYT-Y Gearless Traction Machine, WYT-H Gearless Traction Machine,

Elevator Control Cabinet

Control Cabinets for Machine Room Less Elevators, Microprocessor Elevator Control Cabinets SJT-WVF5-B, Microprocessor Elevator Control Cabinet SJT-WVF5-D, Microprocessor Elevator Control Cabinets SJT-WVF5-H, Elevator Integrated Control Cabinet, Wall-hanging Elevator Control Cabinets, SJT-WVF5-G Series Elevator Integrated Control Cabinet,

Elevator Control System

Microprocessor Control Board

Microprocessor Group Control System, Microprocessor Control Board, Microprocessor Control Board, Parallel Control Board for Freight Elevators, Parallel Control Board for Passenger Elevators,

Integrated Controller

BL3 Elevator Integrated Controller, BL3-B Parallel Integrated Controlle, BL3-RU Power Regenerative Unit,

Other Control Board

Call & LCD Display Board BL2000-HEH-K, Call and display board BL2000-HAH-B, Call and display board BL2000-HAH-C, Call and display board BL2000-HAH-M, Call and display board BL2000-HBH-C, BL2000-HBR-E, Call and display board BL2000-HCH-F, Call and display board BL2000-HCH-G, Call and display board BL2000-HDH-F, Call and display board FJ-HTB-V, Call and display board FR2000-HAH-A, Call and Display of Group control Board BL2000-HQK-V1, Car Control board BL2000-CZB, Extension Board for Parallel Freight Elevators BL2000-EBA, Extension Board for Parallel Freight Elevators BL2000-EBB, Call and display board LCD group control destination floor selector, Call and display board BL2000-MBQ-V2, Call and display board BL2000-HEH-L1, 5.6 inches TFT LCD car display board BL2000-HEH-M1,

Elevator Accessories

Arrival Gong, Elevator Automatic Rescue Device, Elevator Data Recorder SJT-JLY-V1, Elevator Intellectual Management Systems, Elevator Wireless Remote Monitor System, Load Weighing Device SJT-150, Load Weighing Device SJT-300, Voice Synthesizer,